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Being sensitive to innocent Russians in our support of Ukraine

Caught in the middle

Caught in the middle through no fault of his own.

War, Diversity, and Inclusion

February 28th is the 5th day of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Today’s post is a reminder that no one had a choice in the country of their birthplace. I want to remind employees that Diversity and Inclusion are important values in the workplace. It is not my intent to comment on political views but share a reminder.  I doubt that employees across the United States had an influence on Russia invading Ukraine.

It is easy to see only one side of a story especially when the story is emotional. I believe one of HR’s jobs is to help ensure employees feel safe and included. A big part of this is helping employees and managers see both sides of a story.  

We can and should be sympathetic to our employees who have families in Ukraine.

This support shouldn’t go to the extent that it puts down our Russian colleagues.

Our Russian colleagues have friends and family that are also affected. These folks may be in a situation where they are being ordered to march into Ukraine. Many from both sides of this conflict are innocent bystanders. 


Employees are caught in the middle

Again, I highly doubt that employees in our company or yours had an impact on whether or not this conflict should start. 

I want to avoid a situation where a well-intentioned employee shows support of one country, absentmindedly puts down another country. I don’t want someone feeling excluded because of where they were born. We should consider all sides of a complicated story.  


May your families and loved ones remain safe,



The above opinions are my own