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Job interview excitement, I am not getting enough

Job Interview Excitement

Shy guys finish last, make sure you show excitement

Job interview excitement

We have all seen, heard about, or been through the following:

He said:  “I detailed her car, I bought her flowers, I mowed her mom’s lawn, and I went to Twilight with her for god’s sake!  How can she not realize I am crazy about her?”

She said: “He’s really cute. He’s nice, but he never told me he cared. He never told me he loved me.”

She ended up going out with another guy who didn’t say or do any of the above, treated her like crap, but he did say those three magic words: “I love you baby”.  (ok, 4 words)

Did you know the same thing happens during job interviews every day?

Candidate Johnny said:

  • “I really like this industry.”
  • “What you guys are doing in this space if fascinating”
  • “I see a long-term career here.”
  • “The culture you have built here is amazing. I would love the opportunity to work with you.”

Hiring manager:

“I thought he was a great candidate and all, but I didn’t get the impression that he really wanted to join the company.  It sounded like he just wanted a job.  Johnny, on the other hand, he was gushing about how excited he was about working here at Acme Publishing.”

Hiring managers are from Venus and candidates are from Mars.

You feel excited, you think you are showing interview excitement, but you are saying everything except the fact that you are excited.  You are not committing with those three words every girl wants to hear, “I love you”. But in this case, the hot girl is the hiring manager and the three magic words are “I’m really excited about this opportunity”.   (OK, 6 words, why do you think I am in HR?)  What you are saying and what the hiring manager is hearing are two different things.

What you said and what she heard:

You said you loved her hair and you loved her taste in music. You didn’t say you love her.

Hiring managers need to hear, see, and taste your interview excitement.  You need to light up like the day after your first date with Mr. Right where everyone can see you are happy, excited and nervous all at the same time. You need to light up like you just hit a bases loaded, bottom of the ninth, game-winning, home run. I need to hear these words with a smile on your face and your eyes wide open.  The following is exactly what I need to hear and it is my gift to you. Go ahead and use it:

“I am really excited about this opportunity.  You guys are doing everything right and have assembled a great team.  I would really like the opportunity to contribute to what you have created here.  I could get really excited about this place!”

The above is interview excitement.

Don’t dance with your words

This is not the time to dance around those three special words. This is not the time to say everything up to those three special words and then back off. You need to lay all of your cards on the table because trust me, while you are with your friends trying to explain how you are Mr. Perfect, your hiring manager is cheating on you with a douche bag candidate. Mr. Douche has a, (dare I say it). . .  a shorter resume than you and is not going to be shy about telling her what she needs to hear.

This economy is the equivalent of a single woman at a gold mining camp deep in the Alaskan bush.  When there is only one woman, the guys have to go for broke. Playing hard to get and waiting for her to chase you isn’t going to work. This isn’t time for mind games.  Flowers, dinner, and chocolates aren’t going to be enough. She needs to HEAR that you are excited to be with her and that you are having a good time.

The economy

With one job and a lot of applicants, you just became a gold miner deep in the Alaskan bush.   You need to convey interview excitement.

A few ways you communicate you are NOT interested in the position:

  • Come to the interview dressed in your everyday street clothes.  (Would you show up that outfit to a first date?)
  • Did not take the time to visit the website and learn about the company.  (If you were interested in her, would you have looked at her Facebook and LinkedIn page?)
  • Have zero questions for the interviewer.
  • Do not know who our competitors are or any recent developments.
  • Show up late.  (Do little children wake up at 11:00 am on Christmas morning or 6:00 AM?
  • Avoid the using the word “excited”, “exciting”, “excitement” during your interview.

Being qualified isn’t enough. Just being able to do the job isn’t enough. You need to convey interview excitement; you need to say those 6 words and you need to say it more than once.

Like a Boss!

nasty: an unreal maneuver of incredible technique, something that is ridiculously good, tricky and manipulative but with a result that can’t help but be admired, a phrase used to describe someone who is good at something. “He has a nasty forkball”.

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