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Resume References, what HR thinks and how they really check your background

resume references

I am checking your resume references, just not what, or where you think I am

Resume References 

I receive a lot of questions in regards to resume references and I thought a blog post might help.

Here are some common questions I receive on the topic of references:



College Reputation Ranking and the Job Search

College Reputation ranking

What is the college reputation ranking for your school?

College reputation ranking and the job market 

Warning: I am going to miff a number of readers with this post. I have been sitting on this post for a few weeks now, and even behind a mask, I wonder if I should go this far,


Employee Referral Programs

employee referral

Employee referral programs should reinforce what the employee can control

Employee Referral Programs

As an HR nerd, I am expected to know a little bit about human behavior. Yes, I have the prerequisite degree in Psychology with a concentration in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, but I am also a Libra. Everyone knows that Libra’s like people and serve as mediators between quarreling parties.


Giving a resume 5 seconds is a lot like Tinder


Tinder and resume reading have a lot in common

Reading Resumes in 5 seconds

I just delivered a presentation to a group of job seekers and one thing that caused a lot of strife in the room was the fact that I look at resumes for an average of only 5 seconds. In reality,


Why you didn’t get the job you were perfectly qualified for

didn't get the job

Do you know why you didn’t get the job?

Why we didn’t get the job offer

I just talked with a good friend that recently went on 5 interviews for 5 different jobs with 5 different companies.  In each case, she went on multiple interviews and in the end didn’t get the job from any of the companies. 


Job interview lessons learned from the dating scene

job interview lesson

Be on your best behavior when meeting the parents and the VP of the department!

Job interview lessons from the dating scene

Last week I posted up on job interview lessons from the dating scene. The feedback I received was interesting and came in two attitudes. In one camp,  a few candidates didn’t’ think that job interview lessons could be learned from dating.