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To MBA or not to MBA? MBA salary demystified.

MBA salary

To MBA or not to MBA? What is an MBA salary worth?

Is going after the MBA salary worth it?

What is an MBA salary? To MBA or not to MBA, that is the question. I was recently asked by a good friend for advice on whether or not they should pursue a Masters / MBA in their field.


Job search after the Microsoft layoff, how to bounce back

Microsoft Layoff

How to overcome a layoff from a Large Box Employer

Microsoft Layoffs and how candidates can bounce back

Here in Seattle, Washington the big news this past week was the Microsoft layoffs of close to 18,000 employees and vendors. This is huge number for any company but until something like this happens in your city,


Ignoring recruiters, urgency and radio silence in the job interview process

ignoring recruiters

Your radio silence is a sign, and the clock is ticking.

Ignoring recruiters, candidates going dark

Don’t ignore recruiters.  If you are interviewing with a company for a job, it is imperative that you respond to the recruiter in a timely manner throughout the entire process. 

As a person that is reaching out to candidates,


Tough interview question, “What do you know about the company”.

Tough Interview Question

“That’s all you know about the company? This isn’t a tough interview question”

Tough interview question

The classic “Tell me what you know about our company” should not be a tough interview question. With preparation it should be very easy and is one we know we should absolutely expect in any job interview. 


Should you be asking for interview feedback when declined for a job?

Interview Feedback

Did you hear the interview feedback HR is providing

Secrets about interview feedback

After I deliver the “We are going with another candidate message”, I receive the request for interview feedback on a regular basis. It may be my boyish good looks which lures candidates into thinking I am a softy and will help them out,


Best job interview question

best job interview question

Don’t leave your interview to chance. Ask the million dollar question!

Best job interview question to ask the hiring manager

You found a job you were perfectly qualified for, put together a beautiful cover letter, and submitted your resume.  A few days later, the miracle of miracles takes place.  You receive an email from the recruiter wanting to set up an initial phone screen.