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Entry level job, why landing this job right after school is so important

entry level job search

She didn’t take time off after graduation!

Why entry level jobs are so important:

The topic of the entry level job has come up with a number of friends graduating from college (seems I know a number of folks that want to take time off after graduation). These recent grads want to take a year off to travel,


College class schedule, the topic you need to study to land a job offer

college class schedule

The college class needed to land a job won’t be in the curriculum

The most important topic in your college class schedule

What is the most important skill to focus on with your college class schedule? Per the promise I made in the last post, this week I reveal what I believe to THE MOST IMPORTANT SKILL NEEDED TO LAND A JOB.


College experience, focus on these topics to land a job offer

college experience

You have a degree, but do you have the skills to land a job?

Required topics for the college experience

Last week, we posted on the topic of how gaining specific skills during the college experience can impact a corporate career. There are a lot of pros and cons to the college experience.


Public Speaking, what you should really study in college

Public Speaking

Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

Public Speaking and your career

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting on the topic of college and how the college experience can affect professional careers. A few posts that are ready to go include:

  • How the college reputation can affect the job hunt
  • My thoughts on delaying entry to the job market after graduation.

Executive networks, how professionals leverage their way to a new position

executive network

“When opportunity knocks on this guys door and he isn’t home, opportunity waits.” For the rest of us, be interesting with your executive network my friends.

The executive network experience

Last week I posted a typical experience when I am asked to meet with a recent graduate. This week, I want to compare and contrast that experience with what happens within the executive network.


Professional networking differences, how executives and recent graduates go about their job search

professional Networking

How many people have you bought coffee for this past week?

Networking for recent graduates

This weeks post is about professional networking.  After working with a couple of execs and someone who recently graduated, I realized there are an entire generation and demographics of candidates reinventing the wheel and in this case, the wheel is made of stone.


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