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In memory of Mrs. HRNasty 1967 – 2016

Phyllodes Tumor

For those of you who don’t know me personally, last year, Mrs. Nasty was diagnosed with a Phyllodes Tumor. This ultimately became a terminal case of cancer, and at the time I started this post, she had very little time left. In April of this year, I took a leave of absence from a very supportive CEO and employer to care for her full-time.


HRNasty has gone fishin’ for Steelhead

Gone Fishin’ for Steelhead

Sorry, I haven’t been posting the last few weeks. I am fishing for Steelhead. To update folks, the company I was working with was sold at the end of December. I continued to work there through the end of January. This is a great thing for me for a number of reasons.

I joined this company 5 years ago.


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