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The MOST effective job search tool and yet the least used. Tips on professional networking.

Job interview insight

Job Interview Insight

Job interview insight. Pulling back the curtain to see what really happens behind the scenes.

Job Interview Insight

I just had drinks with a couple of great friends/colleagues. Halfway through the conversation I literally burst out with a “F’ me, I’m a dumbass! I wish I had recorded this conversation, this would make a great blog post!” I immediately pulled out my phone and started taking notes in an attempt to capture this job interview insight.


New hire introductions, how to break the ice with your new co-workers

HRNasty, that is so hot of you to bring in donuts. Thank you!

HRNasty, that is so hot of you to bring in donuts. Thank you!

How to introduce yourself when you are a new hire

As of last week, I am a new hire. I have mentioned in the last few posts, I recently started a new job. I have the good fortune of leading an HR department for a technology company with a little over 200 employees and I am pretty excited.


Unemployment Benefits explained

Unemployment benefits

No embarrassment, just sign up!

Unemployment Benefits

Hello from Forks, Washington. It’s February and this area is a rainforest. Usually, the weather in Forks this time of year is sideways rain and snow with rivers on the verge of flooding. In other words perfect winter steelhead fishing weather. Unfortunately for the anglers in town,


Business cards, employer branding, and employee pride

Employer branding, employee morale, recruiting, sales, the business card covers it all.

Employer branding, employee morale, recruiting, and sales, the business card covers it all.

Business Cards

Why are business cards overlooked?  As an HR Pro/Am, and a proponent of company culture, I firmly believe that every employee should have business cards. How much do I believe in this? Three-month summer interns receive business cards when I am on watch.


Executive networks, how professionals leverage their way to a new position

executive network

“When opportunity knocks on this guys door and he isn’t home, opportunity waits.” For the rest of us, be interesting with your executive network my friends.

The executive network experience

Last week I posted a typical experience when I am asked to meet with a recent graduate. This week, I want to compare and contrast that experience with what happens within the executive network.  


Professional networking differences, how executives and recent graduates go about their job search

professional Networking

How many people have you bought coffee for this past week?

Networking for recent graduates

This weeks post is about professional networking.  After working with a couple of execs and someone who recently graduated, I realized there are an entire generation and demographics of candidates reinventing the wheel and in this case, the wheel is made of stone.