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A company culture will make or break a company with retention. Thoughts on Company Culture.

Why stack ranking at Microsoft still exists

Stack ranking will be around awhile

Microsoft does away with Stack Ranking

As an HR Hack, I think that the change of heart at Microsoft on the stack ranking management review and compensation system is great for their culture and as well as for all of HR.  Stack ranking at MSFT gives all HR practitioners a bad name regardless of where they work.


Work Halloween costumes, how they affect your career

Work Halloween Costumes

Every year, around this time, I have a little more fun than usual with the blog and try to predict who is going to cut their career short by showing up in an inappropriate work Halloween costume. For me it is a way to have a bit of fun, and at the same time, open the kimono just a bit so and give you the reader that HR / manager insight that won’t be publicly acknowledged until it is too late. 


Work Life Balance, one HR guys opinion

work life balance

65 hours a week as the towel boy at the Playboy mansion Grotto doesn’t equal work life balance.  Or does it?

Work Life Balance

Who’s responsibility is work life balance these days?  Early in my career, when I though my manager was in charge, I thought work life balance was the company’s responsibility.  As I have gained more experience,


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