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A company culture will make or break a company with retention. Thoughts on Company Culture.

4 signs you are a great manager or a great leader

a great manager

Signs of a great manager

Are you a great manager?

What is a great manager? There are plenty of posts on “Managers vs. Bosses” and just as many on “When you know you have a lousy boss”. Today’s post is a different spin on the topic and my hope is to provide some food for thought whether you are a manager or want to be a manager.


Best Place to Work list, how we ranked number 1

Best Place to Work

We don’t need no stinkin’ climbing walls or ice cream trucks to make the Best Place to Work list.

Best Place to Work

Today’s post is a couple of bragging moments.  I am not usually one for bragging, but the news is too good to not share with my HRNasty family. And yes, there are some career tips involved. 


Business cards, employer branding and employee pride

Employer branding, employee morale, recruiting, sales, the business card covers it all.

Employer branding, employee morale, recruiting, and sales, the business card covers it all.

Business Cards

As an HR Pro/Am, and a proponent of company culture, I firmly believe that every employee should have business cards. How much do I believe in this? Three-month summer interns receive business cards when I am on watch.

In this day and age,


How HR views Richard Shermans post game interview

Richard Sherman

Nothing says badass mo-fo like Marshawn Lynch flying into the end zone while flexing his muscles and calling attention to his junk, BACKWARDS!

 A Richard Sherman and Seahawks weekend

This weekend, like many Seattleites I watched the football game for the NFC championship between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks.

I am not a big football fan,


Employee Referral Programs

employee referral

Employee referral programs should reinforce what the employee can control

Employee Referral Programs

As an HR nerd, I am expected to know a little bit about human behavior. Yes, I have the prerequisite degree in Psychology with a concentration in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, but I am also a Libra. Everyone knows that Libra’s like people and serve as mediators between quarreling parties.


A case for marijuana in the workplace


Look mom, I can smoke Marijuana at work

Marijuana in the workplace

Here in the state of Washington, Cannabis Sativa, aka Weed, aka Marijuana, aka Whacky Tabacky has been legalized.  From a personal perspective, I don’t smoke anything except cigars so this isn’t good or bad news for me.  I don’t have anything against the Ganja,


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