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Layoff, how to recover from being laid off

company performance, not individual employee performance

Layoff, what to do if you have been laid off

In today’s post, I explain the steps to take after experiencing a layoff. I know what it is like. HRNasty was laid off on his birthday one year. After coaching employees for years through the process, I know what steps to take and avoid.


Stay in your lane, don’t work on extra projects!

stay in your lane

Why you should stay in your lane

Stay in your lane!

Since this blog started, I have preached that we must do more than the assigned job description to get ahead at work. I have stated:

  • “Sweep the parking lot if you have nothing to do.”
  • “Make your manager’s job easier by doing the work they don’t want to.”
  • “Work on efficiencies within your department and your company.”

Most likely,


Job Resignation For The Wrong Reasons


Reassess before you turn in your resignation

13 reasons why accountants turn in their resignation letter

One of the smartest guys I know, a VP of Accounting recently shared a post about employee resignations. We had such an interesting discussion on the topic, I decided to share the discussion. 


Job Interview Practice before meeting with CEO of Christmas

job interview practice

These two didn’t get any interview practice for their meeting with the CEO of Christmas

Missed opportunity for job interview practice

There’s no better time to start job interview practice than the holidays. I have close friends with little monsters and I see a wasted opportunity for career development. Watching them go through another holiday season forces me to question the future of corporate America.


Probation Failure – New Hires Struggle Despite Great Qualifications

When new hires fail their probation period, it is usually not the candidates fault. As an HR exec, I believe that it is often the company’s fault. Why new hires fail and how to ensure their success.


When you should decline the perfect candidate


Perfect candidate

Advocating for your perfect candidate against your boss’s advice is a Career Limiting Move

When hiring the perfect candidate is career suicide

I have heard the words, “perfect candidate” several times in the past few weeks. Colleagues (outside of the company I work with) feel they have found the perfect candidate.


Flexible Spending Account, secret benefits you don’t know about

FSA, Flexible Spending Account

Yes, FSA covers Lasik, PRK, and SMILE to name just a few procedures

Flexible Spending Account Explained

“I tried the Flexible Spending Account and lost a lot of my money!  The Flexible Spending plan is a rip-off.”  As an HR exec responsible for the company benefits plan, I hear this frequently this time of year.


What is a salary band and why companies share yours

Salary bands are required to be public in a few states, with more states to follow. What is a salary band? Why is there a salary range and why you may not be paid at the top of the salary band.


Is your salary range public? It’s coming to your state

Employers need to make salary ranges public in Washington state. Soon more states will follow. What you need to know about who this is supposed to help, and who it will hurt. Salary bands, pay transparency and the “why” explained.


Remote promotion, how to land a promotion working remotely

Worried about being skipped over? Don’t think you can be promoted because you are remote and your peers are local to the Home Office? How to secure a remote promotion in a post-COVID and remote world.


Hybrid Work Environment, is it here to stay?

Hybrid Work Environment    

What is a Hybrid Work Environment? I just sort of took it for granted until I participated in a panel where we took a deep dive on the topic. I was recently a participant in a panel discussing the topic of the Hybrid Work Environment. The host was Andrew Wesner from Kayser-Wesner.