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  • Were you able to land a job because of the insight gained from this blog?

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nasty:  an unreal maneuver of incredible technique, something that is ridiculously good, tricky and manipulative but with a result that can’t help but be admired, a phrase used to describe someone who is good at something. E.G.  “He has a nasty fork ball”

  • THK


    You are brilliant! After discovering this site I finally realised how to play the game. Reading your blog was an eye opening experience which instantly transformed my thinking on how to approach interviews and corporate life in general.

    I read all your entries about interviews and landed a job after following your advice. I am sure I would have failed had I not read it/contacted you. This is what happened a few years ago when I applied to the same corporation. Tech questions were easy so I didn’t understand what went wrong. I thought people should be employed based on their ability to do the job, boy, was I wrong! That’s only part of the story.

    All right, I’m off to study “manage your career” posts now!

    Thank you so much HRNasty

    • THK,
      Brother, thanks for the testimonials and glad the site resonated with you. We WISH we were employed based on the ability to the job, unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way and I hope that the posts and the dating examples / comparisons explain why. Congrats on the position Brother and keep us updated!

  • Nolan walsh

    This Sight is amazing!! Thank you SO much for providing this information, I recently went on an interview with confidence and landed my dream job!!! They don’t teach you these key points in college, most of the advice I’ve been given is in fact quite the opposite. Your methods definitely kept my interview skills current because interviewing has obviously changed in the last 10 years.
    Your posts gave me a lot of confidence because I knew EXCATLY what to expect during the interview process and more importantly, the blog helped me understand what a great candidate looks like vs. a candidate that is going to be turned down in the eyes of a recruiter.
    Thank you so much!!!!

    • Dude! Thank you very much for believing and trusting in the information here. One of the big things I realized early in my interviewing was that schools were not teaching graduates how to interview and what they were teaching was outdate. Congrats on the dream job! Your feedback and testimonial is exactly why I do this and incentive to continue. Thank you!

  • AB


    I found this site a year or so ago as I was relocating to a new city and getting my job search under way. There is a treasure mine here of thoughtful, incisive, totally current, brutally honest posts, helpful for an astonishingly wide spectrum of people. Thanks, HRNasty, for a perspective that’s deeply respectful of the whole bewildering process of work and getting hired, and for the incredibly generous spirit that moves you get all of this out here in the world.

    I spent quite a lot of time on the site as I worked out how to approach several conversations with different organizations. I eventually contacted HRNasty directly and embarked on one of the most constructive, helpful, encouraging and intelligent conversations about my career in my entire (ahem – several decades-long) career.

    Exactly like the blog posts, HRNasty offered really good, right-in-the-center-of-the-target-good advice that was specific and actionable. And just like the blog posts, this helped provide perspective when having perspective was a challenge.

    I’ve recently accepted an offer for a challenging and interesting senior position in my field. HRNasty, I have a debt of gratitude for standing alongside through this protracted search. Job searching is hard, at least sometimes. Your common sense, steady, candid, honest, always gracious feedback really has been a light in the dark more than once. I will keep sharing this powerhouse website with anyone I know looking for a job.

    HRNasty: Thank you!

  • tmc

    HR Nasty is a true hero.

    This site is a gold mine of information to help people from all sectors of industry land the job of their dreams. HRN’s insight revolutionized my approach towards the application and interview process. He provided excellent critical feedback; sometimes the truth hurts, but this saved me from countless rookie mistakes. HRN’s candid input and advice helped me present my best self and stand-out as a top-tier candidate.

    HRN’s insider perspective is truly invaluable. Tell all your friends to check out the site.

    Thanks HRN! 🙂

    • Wow! thank you so much for sharing and glad the advice is working out. Are you in the US? Happy to send you a t shirt so you can spread some Nasty love. Just let me know where.

  • MB

    As a recent graduate (who worked their way through college, on the long-term track) I am trying to figure out which direction I want to go. I contacted HRNasty for insight, and I am so glad I did. Thank you for providing a thoughtful, candid, and quality response. Not only did I receive an insightful response, I received a response that helped me reflect on what direction I really want to go. Thank you, HRNasty!

  • Cash Donaldson

    I discovered HRNasy about 2 years ago when I
    was designing job seeker courses for the company I was working for. Dr. Nasty
    has the best advice for job seekers on the internet.

    So when I got blindsided by my last employer in
    July, this was my first stop when preparing my resume. It was the first time I
    had been unemployed in 7 years and not sure what to expect. I spent hours
    reading articles and getting ready to start the hunt. Armed with a nasty resume
    and cover letter I was getting in about five resumes a week and scheduling 1-2
    interviews per week as well.

    After being let down on the first couple of interviews,
    I started get a bit discouraged and sent off an email the Dr. Nasty himself. He
    was there with encouraging words and advice. In the end, I was offered the fourth
    and most lucrative position I applied for, and I have recommended this blog to
    everyone I know that is on the hunt (and some I think should be)

    Thank you HRNasty for taking the time to make my job search a success

    • Cash,
      Thanks for the endorsement, it means a ton, especially now that I know you were designing job seeker courses. Really glad everything worked out and just let me know when you are going to ask for a raise! We can get through that as well. 🙂 Congrats on the new gig! HRN

  • GenY

    HRNasty is Quality material with a capital Q.

    Thank you so much for the insights you share through this blog.
    I belong to the Gen Y generation. I’ve lacked any kind of job search and interview skills needed to land a good job prior to finding your blog. I have only worked in retail and deemed myself underqualified for the position. To make things worse – English is my third language. Today I have successfully cleared the last round of the interview process with the CEO of the company and got the offer.

    I couldn’t be more grateful.
    It has been truly educational and not the kind of education you get from a two-hour long session in Uni.

    • GenY,
      Congrats on your new position and glad the information helped out! At the end of the day, you came up with the courage to try something new and trust in someone’s ideas so very well done. You are the one that negotiated the offer and had the confidence when asked the tough questions. Again, Congrats!

  • JB

    Just wanted to say thanks a ton to HRNasty for the advice you’ve shared here on your site. While preparing for a recent interview, I went through nearly all of the entries on interviewing and each one was golden!

    The two posts that helped me the most were “Best job interview question to ask the hiring manager” (the times I asked that question made such a difference during phone screens!) and the post on behavioral interviewing (combined with the STAR technique, that helped me even with unexpected questions).

    Seriously great stuff – definitely would not have felt as prepared as I did had I not gone through HRN’s material.

    HRNasty, thank you so much!

    • JB, thanks for checking out the site and thank you for the testimonial. It is always great to hear the success stories. Really appreciate your specificity with your examples and hopefully others will give them a shot as well. Offer still stands, just let me know where to send the T shirt. I also have logo stickers for your laptop. If you are ever in Seattle, Coffee is on me! HRN

  • Monish

    HRNASTY is awesome! I tell all my friends about him. I reached out to him via email and shared my concerns. I’ve been having some real issues transitioning from one industry to another. When I shared my concerns with HRnasty – he was EXTREMELY helpful. I didn’t expect he’d respond and the manner in which he responded. He shared his own experiences honestly and sincerely, gave me really insightful perspectives from HR, and also called me out where I was selling myself short. I can’t say thank you enough for helping me out and really believing in my success — and for all the wonderful life changing advice given. A real generous and kind person. Good karma to you friend, keep up the good work.

    • Monish,
      Thanks for the testimonial and trusting the site enough to reach out. I think you have a REAL opportunity, we just need to adjust the packaging. Don’t worry about being the perfect candidate with every experience. There is no such candidate and if we wait to acquire all experiences before we enter the job market, we will never enter. We got your back Brother!

  • Crystal

    HRNASTY has been the most influential blog to my life. I would probably be unemployed if it werent for the advice I have found, because of his advice I was able to land a job far sooner than my other friends straight out of college. I refer them all to HRNasty. NOT only do I get to read his posts, but I also email him when I have personal career questions, and he responds promptly. He is indeed the best. The nastiest of them all! Thank you.

    • Crystal,
      Thank you so much for the great note and the support. Really, thank you!

  • Canadian Reader

    I really have to mention that following the blog posts on here have been life changing. I went from being unemployed to gaining a position beyond my wildest dreams doing exciting work for a start-up downtown. A lot of the advice are straightforward (smile, look eager, and speak keenly about the company you are interviewing for) however it works wonders! Some of the advice do feel uncomfortable as well, however I urge you to try it and give it a shot. Sometimes it’s important to go beyond our comfort zone to get new and better results.

    To HRNasty, the help you’ve given others here is truly impactful and I would like to thank you for changing my life for the better.

    • Canadian Reader! Thank you so much for the beautiful note. I have always believed that being part of someone’s job search and watching them find a job is a life changer and I am flattered that you would trust the blog enough to try some of the techniques. I REALLY appreciate you encouraging others to try some of the ideas that folks may find uncomfortable. Most of us have been given very traditional job hunting advice, so I know that what I preach can be very different, but the advice I give is for the current times. Thank you for the great endorsement! You made my week! HRN

  • Stevie

    Hey Everyone,

    This is my second time posting on this page. I posted about 6 months ago when HR Nasty helped me land the career I wanted to be apart of. It’s been a journey with my current company to say the least, but man, it’s been amazing. I’ve come to the point where I want to begin exploring new opportunities within my company and set up a plan for my future.

    I knew I couldn’t really tackle this alone, and despite my eagerness to prove myself, I know there’s always a way to do it better. I went to the one person I could trust…Mr. HR himself. Look folks, if you don’t trust HR Nasty or feel like his approach is on crack, you most likely haven’t tried it, or you did it wrong. What HRN preaches is a way to get what you want. Plain and simple!

    The truth is, I don’t have to just say this, I can prove it. With HRN’s help I got the job I wanted. Recently I messaged HRN for a little advice about my career path and getting a raise. Not only did his suggestions work, I’m got a much earlier promotion than I anticipated. Initially I was scared, not because I don’t have confidence in myself, but because everyone I work with are also monsters in their own respects. HRN helped me find the best approach and helped me get what I want.

    All I can really say is thank you. I know I’ll be messaging you when I need the best advice I can find.

    • Stevie,
      Hey Brother, thanks for the update and so glad it worked out. At the end of the day it was you that took a chance, collected your thoughts, pulled the trigger and executed the plan flawlessly. Kudo’s to you. You earned every bit of the raise and promotion and looking forward to keeping in touch. If you are in Seattle, coffee is on me. Congrats on the career!

  • Xerxes Aria

    And once again!…..HRN has come out on top to help me with my hiring questions. I am at round two of my interview and almost there. HRN’s advise is so detailed. HRN takes time to answer questions and really help people get a job, or deal with work place situations that involve HR.
    Thank you very much. I hope that more people like you come forward and help others.

  • tonkadella

    HR Nasty has been fantastic help to my confidence with my job search and my Resume. All the advice, tips, support, very detailed explanations and easy communication meant the world to me, thank you so much!

    • Tonka,
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving the testimonial. It means a lot. I hope things are going well and remember, we need to “Believe”. 🙂 Please keep in touch and keep me updated!

  • Joanie McMahon

    Where do I start? HR Nasty’s advice, examples, information, and application are totally effective, accurate, up to date, and it all works. My story is like so many job seekers in that one day your confidence and self worth is high and 3 days later it is in the ground. I am a person who will do research endlessly regardless of the topic. I read and even purchased some outdated and fluffy candy land items that turned out to be worthless except for a good laugh. I found HR Nasty’s site and I read and studied all of his posts and materials. I used his resume tips, interview advice, and salary negotiation best practice. He even provided personal email consultation the day I was negotiating my salary. I landed my dream job in the Healthcare field due to my inner voice listening and following Mr Nasty’s practices.
    If you know of any one looking to make career change, find a job. Or just lead a better work life then
    Mr Nasty is the one.

  • Xerxes Aria

    This site is incredible and HRN is full of positive information. I had been forced to resign from my last job and wasn’t able to find a new one because my employer was giving bad reference about me. When I asked HRN for help, I not only received attention but also detailed information about how to approach future interviews. And, I did get a job. I think that HRN’s site is a valuable tool for anyone who is looking for a job.

    Thank you HRN!

    • Xerxes,
      Congrats on your new gig and so happy for you, you did all the hard work and deserve the opportunity! Really appreciate you taking the time out to support the site. Thanks again!

  • Jamie L.

    HRNasty says it’s not the most qualified person that gets the job, but the most prepared person. That statement really resonated with me when I first started reading the blog. I found other resources for landing a job to be sterile and overdone. HRNasty’s candor and examples of what interviewers are looking for helped in my search tremendously. I had been looking for a job that would give me broader experience in my chosen career field for a few months. My resume was getting me interviews, but I wasn’t landing job offers. It was clear I needed help.

    I contacted HRNasty for career coaching. We did some mock interviews and went over what I could be doing better in order to nail the interview. He gave me professional, honest direction. I checked in with HRNasty throughout the process and was always met with an encouraging motivator. I was confident in subsequent interviews because I was prepared and it made all the difference. When I felt worried about a job panning out, my husband said ‘Trust in the Nasty.’ That’s what I did. I put my trust in HRNasty and I’m thrilled to be starting a great new job this week.

  • Adam R.

    This site has been an invaluable tool for my job search. I just landed a great job after being self-employed for nearly 10 years.

    I read and reread the posts here on interviewing before each stage of the interview process. Before my phone interview, I read the phone interview posts. Before I spoke with a VP, I read HRNasty’s take on how to interview with an executive. They got me in a great mindset, and during my interviews I could hear HRNasty’s voice in my head telling me what a hiring manager wants to hear and doesn’t want to hear after every question I got asked.

    I looked around at other websites and books for advice for interview tips. I found most other advice vague and unsatisfying. This website has very specific, actionable, no-nonsense advice that really resonated with me.

    I also emailed HRNasty asking for help on how to transition from being a non-traditional self-employed person to getting interviews in the corporate world. Again, HRNasty came through for me big-time with some very specific helpful advice that I used to land an interview and a great job.

    Thaks for everything HRNasty.. This is the best job-hunting resource I have found on the web!

    • Adam,
      It was a pleasure working with you and I am flattered you trusted this site enough to reach out. Thank you so much for the feedback, it means alot, especially in a more public forum like this. Thank you! Call me when you negotiate your first raise. 🙂

  • Madeline S.

    This blog is a gift, and HRNasty is a godsend!

    It had been a long time since my last job search, so I was a little rusty. I kept searching for advice on how to attack a job search, more specifically how to jump from one industry to another (performing the same function). Because I am in HR, I assumed my competition in the applicant pool would be pretty sharp/skilled at the job search, so I needed the quick and dirty on how to make myself stand out. So many other blogs and career sites out there give pretty milquetoast, predictable advice. I happened upon this one and found myself going through the entire site, not just the job search-related posts. As an HR person who hears all the time that people are tired of the PC, vague HR position on everything, HRNasty’s candor is refreshing. If you want to be smart and strategic about how you develop your career, read this site. If you’re not in HR, you will surely benefit from it; if you are in HR, this site tells you how to up your game in a serious way. For my specific situation, HRN’s advice was right on the money.

    As for the job search posts – HRN’s methods truly are nasty in the way HRN defined. I printed out, read, and re-read (many times) the interview posts. I put some of the nastiest methods HRN recommends into practice – e.g. how to take control of a phone interview, how to control of the tone of the interview – and I could tell immediately that my interviewers were surprised (in a positive way). HRN’s posts are blunt – yes – but with this level of honesty, you can be sure you’re executing on the methods correctly. There’s no room for misinterpretation here. The posts gave me the confidence I needed going into my interviews and put some much needed swagger in my step. Not all my interviews panned out, but I could tell I left positive impressions with my recruiters. By the time I got to interview with my dream company for my dream job, HRN’s methods worked when it really counted – and I got the job.

    I reached out to HRN during my job search, in part because I wanted to tell HRN how helpful the blog had been thus far, and because I was hoping HRN would smack some sense into me. What I got was someone who was highly responsive via email, who gave me some very candid advice and guidance, and someone who was encouraging and confidence-building. Seriously, is HRN doing this out of the goodness of their heart?!

    As the reader, your success is ultimately based upon your experience, your skills, your savvy, and your drive. HRN helps you package it up in pretty paper, with a nice shiny bow. I’ve recommended this site to so many of my friends, and will continue to do so. Thanks, HRN!

    • Madeline,
      Wow, thank you so much! Congrats on your new gig and thank you very much for the support. At the end of the day, it was you that took the initiative and had the trust to try different tactics. It was you that went toe to toe with the recruiters and the hiring manager to negotiate the deal you wanted. It was you that had the patience to wait out the long weekends inbetween calls and didn’t panic. Great job on the interviews and again, congrats! Really happy for you. Thank you again!

    • Stevie

      Wow this is awesome! Congrats! 🙂

  • Stevie

    I’m shocked that it looks like I’ll be the first posting on this testimonial page!

    I recently graduated from the University of California, Davis and was on my way for a job hunt. Two months before I was about to graduate I had already begun applying and searching for jobs. Once I was scheduled for a phone interview, I started searching the web for the best advice I could find. Along the way I stumbled across HRNasty’s blog.

    I probably spent all night reading every single one of his blog posts, I took notes on each of them and was pretty amazed of the content and knowledge HRNasty has. I took a chance and shot him an email asking for advice. To my surprise he responded and from there we had a strong email conversation before I had the opportunity to practice a phone interview with HRN. To say the least after all the practice, I nailed my phone interview, the second phone interview saw the same results. Soon, I had an on-site interview for the same company. The only way I knew to prepare was to read HRN’s posts again and they never ceased to let me down. I nailed my on-site interview as well!

    However, I was told that I wouldn’t be getting the job I applied to, I was sad, I had worked so hard and wasn’t getting it! The recruiter and the hiring manager called me the next day to tell me that everyone on the team actually loved me, but that my experience gap was too large for what they were looking for. That said, thanks to HRN I was able to get to a final interview in a position I was under qualified for. Fast forward two months and the same recruiter emails me and tells me they opened up a more jr position, I was invited for another on-site interview. The same day I had my interview, I received an offer. A smile was stuck on my face through my sleep. I even got the amount I had asked for, thanks to advice from HRN!

    I know this is long, but through the process and my experience with everything, thanks to HRN I was able to get on the radar. Sure it takes a combination of your own abilities; personality and at the end of the day, how bad you want it. If I was the foundation, HRN was really my stairs to success, with each piece of information I took in, I was able to take another step. I’m proud to have a great position, with a great company. You can say HRN was my trump card!

    Now when friends ask me about interviews and the whole process, I just recommend this blog. Thanks HRN for the support, I’m happy I stumbled across this blog :).



    • Stevie,
      Congrats and thanks for posting this here. It means a lot. I just started this page and I was afraid no one wanted to be “the first”. Congrats Brother, really proud to be part of your job search. At the end of the day, this was all you. You did the research, you did the home work, practiced and screwed up your courage to try a few new tactics. Really happy for you, you totally deserve this one. Call me when you are thinking about negotiating a raise! 🙂 Thank you! HRN