Resume Writing and Cover Letters

By HRNasty

resume writing and cover letters

Resume writing and cover letters

Resume Writing and Cover Letters

Do you need 2 resumes?  5 resumes?  1 page or two? Do cover letters work? Do recruiters read cover letters? Do I list my education at the beginning or the end? HRNasty answers these questions and more in the posts below.  If you have turned in your resume and not received any response from the recruiters, it is probably your resume, and or cover letter that is stopping your process.  I have hired 100’s of employees but more importantly declined 1000’s and 1000’s of resumes and cover letters.  Within these posts, I explain what recruiters are looking for and most importantly, why recruiters decline resumes.  I don’t write from the perspective of a resume writer, I write from the perspective of a recruiter, a hiring manager, what works and what turns doesn’t. If you are sending in your resume and not receiving any responses, then you need to read these posts.

Career Accomplishments and why we need to share them

  • Why so many qualified candidates are declined because of humble resumes
  • How to quantify your resume so we are telling the entire story without bragging

Why cover letters get a bad rap, and they shouldn’t

  • Don’t believe the hype that cover letters are never read. The good cover letters are read
  • How to write an effective cover letter and why it is so effective

Internship Interview

  • Internship interview secrets
  • Why intern candidates fail the interview and how to overcome

Internship application process demystified

  • How freshman can steal internships from graduating seniors
  • What hiring companies are really looking for

Job Interview Insight

  • HRNasty takes notes while having a recruiting conversation with an executive recruiter and a VP of HR

Resume Tips from 150 recruiters

  • Resume tips from 150 recruiters revealed
  • Resume length, LinkedIn links, and the critical step you are not thinking about

Why a strong resume matters

  • Even if you landed the job, a weak resume affects the negotiations
  • How a strong resume pays off over the course of a career right out of school

Job Resume Format

  • If your resume isn’t getting any callbacks, this post is probably for you.  It is probably your resume format.
  • Unknown tricks to show career progression

Is a 2-page resume the correct length?

  • I answer the most common question when it comes to resumes, How long should it be?
  • How many pages per years of experience should you have?

Why giving a resume only 5 seconds is a lot like Tinder

  • Ever wonder why everyone is talking about the mobile app Tinder?
  • Why recruiters only give a resume 5 seconds

Video Resumes

  • Resume videos are the new thing in the job search
  • What recruiters and hiring managers really think about your video resume

Resume Racism

  • How recruiters REALLY read your resume.  If you belong to a minority or protected class, read this!
  • Resume writing to avoid racism and stereotyping, even when you are part of the majority.

Why you absolutely need more than one resume

  • If you only have one version of your resume, you are probably not having much luck in your job search

Resume and cover letters for jobs outside the local area

  • Resume writing so your resume is not overlooked when you live outside the local area

Do you need your physical address on your resume?

  • The what and the how on your physical address at the top of your resume

Name your resume and cover letter, the overlooked first step

  • Why the way you named your resume and cover letter is killing your job search

2 page or 1-page resume?  That is the question

  • I don’t believe in the 1-page resume rule.  Read here for why this is bullshit!

Cover Letters

  • Why you should absolutely leverage the cover letter.
  • The real reason most cover letters are thrown out by the hiring manager.
  • How to make sure that your cover letter is the one that is read.

 Avoid Resume Objective Statements

  • Why your Objective Statement is setting you up for failure in your job search

Effective template for cover letters

  • I do throw out a lot of cover letters without reading them.  Usually, because I take one look at the cover letter and quickly figure out before reading it whether I want to read it or not.  Usually, I don’t.
  • This post provides a template for an EASY TO READ, ATTENTION GETTING cover letter to help you with your job search.

What I as a recruiter think about as I read your resume

  • In this post, I start the clock and narrate the 15 seconds of what I am thinking as I look through a resume.  What works, what doesn’t work, and how to keep me the recruiter engaged on your document enough so that I not only read what matters but pick up the phone to call you.

The most important section of your resume

  • The most important section of your resume and how to maximize its impact.  You only get a few seconds to grab a reader’s attention.  Resume writing to grab a hiring managers attention!

Does your resume STAND OUT?

  • Does your resume STAND OUT or does it read like a bad porno.  If you have seen one bad porno you have seen them all.  Resumes are no different. Resume writing to make your resume STAND OUT in a sea of bad porn.

Quantify your Accomplishments on your resume

  • If you are not quantifying your accomplishments on your resume, your document will read like every other candidate.
  • How and Why you need to pay attention to this detail.

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