After the Interview / Next Steps

By HRNasty

Post interview

Post interview, what you must do after the interview

Post Interview, now what?

Radio silence after the job interview

  • Why you need to respond to the recruiter after the interview even if you don’t want the job
  • How long can you wait before the recruiter gives up on you as a candidate?

Interview Feedback, should you be asking HR for notes on your performance?

  • What HR and Hiring managers are thinking when you ask for feedback
  • Is this a critical step for your job search?

Resume References, what HR really thinks 

  • What I think about LinkedIn references
  • What I think about references on resumes
  • How many references should candidates provide

Why you aren’t hearing back from the company after you turn in your resume

  • Why you are not hearing back from the company after you submit your resume
  • How to increase your odds of getting your resume past the company gatekeeper based on reverse engineering.  Reasons why resumes are looked at and why they are thrown out.
  • Why you need to get on the recruiters good side ASAP, and how to do that

Straight forward thoughts on “thank you letters”

  • Younger generations may not be as familiar with how to leverage this simple tool.  Most hiring mangers are a generation or two older, consequently, of an older school train of thought.
  • How to make the most of the thank you letters, and why it is a must post interview.

More on Thank you letters

  • Why you need a thank you letter post interview.
  • What hiring managers and recruiters think of hiring managers.
  • How to leverage the thank you letter to close the deal.
  • Email or Handwritten?

How to make references a slam dunk

  • Don’t’ leave your references to chance.  A lot of people take references for granted.  This post explains step by step how to make sure your references are saying exactly what you want them to, and how to keep these relationships strong.

When do recruiter call back after an interview

  • I had an interview and the recruiter said they would call back?  Why does it take so long?
  • Read here for the explanation and why you should relax post interview.