Networking Techniques & How to Land Interviews

By HRNasty

Land interviews

Networking techniques to land job interview

Networking techniques to land interviews: networking, social media, LinkedIn, and informational interviews

Colleges don’t teach networking or the skill of how to land interviews.  This isn’t your parents economy where you could land a job via the classifieds in the local newspaper.  Networking is bar-none THE MOST EFFECTIVE way to land interviews. Recruiters and hiring manager would much rather interview a referral than a blind application. If you are not landing interviews via your network, you are missing out.  Read these posts so you can leverage your network!

How one reader went landed his dream job in his field of study via networking skills

  • How one reader tweaked his story and his pitch to his network to land his dream job

LinkedIn connections, how many are needed?

  • How many connections is enough
  • Should you have a LinkedIn profile
  • What should your profile look like? (hint, not like your resume)

Career epiphany and why relationships at work make a difference

  • Networking is more than just meeting with peers and mentors. One reader’s realization because of this blog.

New hire Introductions, how to break the ice on your first day

  • A great methodology to meet your co-workers and peers on your first day
  • Why meeting your co-workers on day 1 is so important

HRNasty collects unemployment and networks

  • How unemployment benefits work
  • Why you should sign up if you are laid off from work

Part 2 of 2: How executives leverage their network and land new jobs

  • Step by step: How Sr. executives leverage their network, set up and conduct meetings, and land jobs

Networking: execs vs. recent graduates

  • Part 1 in a two-part series on how to land interviews
  • The differences in networking styles between execs and recent graduates.  Hint: the execs know how to network.

Am I overqualified because I have a Master’s degree?

  • A few years ago, many college grads stayed in school because the job economy was so weak
  • How this demographic is viewed when it comes to entry-level positions.
  • I explain the pros and cons of the Master’s degree in the job search.

Social Media, how it can break your job search efforts

  • Statistics on how companies are making decisions based on your social media profile
  • How your online profiles are helping and hindering your job hunt
  • How your social media profile can help you land interviews, and hurt your job search.

Lack job experience?  Whether you are a recent graduate or changing careers, a lack of experience isn’t a hinderance

  • As a recruiter, lack of experience can be a good thing.  I explain why a lack of experience can help a job search.
  • Why you don’t worry about someone with 10 years of experience applying for the same position.

Networking Etiquette

  • Top 7 list of networking etiquette rules you need to know to land interviews
  • Experienced generations have different expectations when it comes to networking than younger generations.  Don’t piss these gatekeepers off.

Recent Graduate Job Search

  • With today’s economy, the recent graduate has specific challenges they need to overcome to land interviews.
  • Top 10 list on how to prepare for the recent graduate job search

Are you helping or hindering your significant other in their job search?

  • How to help them your significant other land job interviews
  • Classic mistakes many couples make in the job hunt

5 CTO’s talk about how to land a job and thoughts from a recent job fair

  • 5 CTO’s give their perspectives on what they are looking for in an interview
  • My retrospective on what I observe at a recent job fair

How college students can land the interview

  • Every year, 1% of college students land interviews of their choice.  This is how they mastered the job search.

Job Search Myths you need to reconsider

  • A number of old wives tales you need to forget when it comes to the job search

December Job Search

  • My take on whether or not jobs are filled in December.  You will be surprised.

Rude LinkedIn Introductions

  • You just sent one and hurt your chances to land interviews.  Yes, you did send a rude intro, trust me!
  • Arguments settled between parent or young people regarding job search
  • Generational differences resolved on what is acceptable and what is not in a job search
  • How technology is affecting the job search
  • Secrets to filling out a job application
  • What a recruiter is looking for in an application that you didn’t think about

Why it is so hard to find a job

  • You will be surprised at the answer.  As much as you think it is you, it is also the system.  Which system am I referring to?

Why networking is critical to your job hunt

  • It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.  How to network, leverage your social graph, and build your credibility within your network to maximize your job search.

Interviews are an Olympic competition

  • No one said it was going to be easy, but at least in the Olympics, there is a gold, a silver, and a bronze.  In the game of interviewing, there is only a gold.  Why athletes practice, and why you should as well.

Why your social profile picture is holding you back

  • Why are these online pictures SO important?
  • How can you leverage these opportunities with your online social media profile?

Some “behind the curtain” questions are answered on Interviewing Etiquette.  What is OK, what is not, and why.

  • What is OK, what is not.  AKA how to piss off your recruiter/hiring manager in your job search

Networking for 7-12-year-olds

  • If I can teach a 7-year-old how to network, you can network as well.

Finding yourself Overqualified for the job

  • How to apply for a position you are overqualified for and why you are not getting called back

Career Fairs: View from behind the booths

  • Part 1 of a 2 part series.  All the mistakes I see 90% of the candidates make at a career fair with their job search.
  • Why candidates do not land interviews at job fairs

Job Fairs:  98% of candidates fail at the career fair

  • Part 2 of 2.  How to not only avoid the mistakes but how to land interviews at the job fair.

Secrets to the Veteran Job Search (or any major industry change)

  • If you are a veteran looking for a career/industry change, then you face specific challenges.
  • Learn how to get past the stereotypes as they relate to this job search.

I settle the arguments between parents and millennia’s on job search protocol 

  • Does your parent harp on you because they think you should be doing specific things in your job search?  Is your child frustrating you with the way they are looking for a job?
  • Answers here to the disagreements.

nasty:  an unreal maneuver of incredible technique, something that is ridiculously good, tricky and manipulative but with a result that can’t help but be admired, a phrase used to describe someone who is good at something. E.G.  “He has a nasty fork ball”.

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