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Ace Job Interviews

Master the job interview

How to Master Job Interviews

How can you be expected to know how to interview, let alone master job interviews if there has never been an opportunity learn.  There wasn’t a class in high school or college on how to interview. HR isn’t going to give you any honest feedback. The below posts reveal the truth behind the closed HR doors on what hiring manager are really looking for and the mistakes that you don’t even now you are making.

Re applying for the same job after you have been declined

  • Can you re apply for the same job when you have interviewed, been declined and see it re posted.
  • The reasons behind the strategy

The number 1 job interview mistake candidates make

  • The word that no recruiter or hiring manager wants to hear
  • How VP’s and executives hear your interview answers

Phone Screen

  • Why you should NOT fear the phone screen
  • Why this is the easiest of the interviews
  • Top 10 Phone Screen interview questions

The hiring process, what happens behind the scenes

  • What recruiters really think
  • What hoops recruiters go through behind the scenes

Interview question: What do you know about our company?

  • Why answering this question well is critical to the interview process
  • What goes through a recruiters and hiring managers mind as you answer this question

Closing statements in your job interview

  • Why saying “I am a hard worker”, “I am dedicated” or anything similar in an interview will end the job interview process.
  • How to make effective closing statements in your job interview.

Best question a candidate can ask a hiring manager

  • Is it OK to ask hiring managers questions?
  • If you are not asking this question to the hiring manager, you might as well not even show up

Top interview killers

  • Top reasons why most candidates fail their job interviews
  • All of these reasons are the candidates fault and all the candidates are perfectly qualified
  • How to master job interviews

Interview fatigue; why you being declined after your 3rd and 4th interview

  • There is a reason candidates are consistently declined on their 3 and 4th job interviews after nailing their first.
  • How to master job interviews in the late rounds

Why you didn’t get the job you were perfectly qualified for

  • Were you perfectly qualified for a job and still declined?
  • Ever wonder what hiring managers are REALLY looking for?

5 interview turn offs, lessons from the dating scene

  • Top mistakes made in the dating and the job interview scene
  • Lessons learned from dating to master job interviews

Lessons learned from the dating scene part 2

  • How dating and job interviews are so much alike
  • The dating analogies I use when giving a talk on interviewing.  Everyone can relate.

Under-qualifed for the job

  • How I worked with a reader to land a job where he was clearly under qualified for the job
  • Master job interviews when you are under qualified for the job

The 3 most used words that will end an interview

  • The top 3 words and phrases that will end a job interview and end your career

Interviewing with an executive part 2

  • Executives may ask the same questions as their middle manager counterparts, but they are looking for different answers. What are these execs looking for that you are not giving them?
  • Why communication style matters so much at this level of job interviews
  • The communication style needed to master job interviews at this level

Interviewing with an executive part 1

  • When do executives become part of the interview process
  • Why interviewing with executives is different from interviewing with individual contributors or middle managers

Why Baby Boomers are not finding jobs? 

  • Why the Baby Boomers generation is having a difficult time finding employment.
  • Why age doesn’t matter in a job hunt
  • Common mistakes Baby Boomers make during the job interview

Phone interviews, why 90% of candidates fail this first step

  • What you need to take care of before the phone interview
  • How candidates blow the interview before they even pick up the phone

Job interview checklist

  • Checklist for “BEFORE” to ace job interviews
  • Checklist for “DURING” to ace job interviews
  • Checklist for “AFTER” to ace job interviews

Job interview killers for Developers 

  • Developers / computer programmers and technical candidates have specific stereotypes and liabilities that you need to know about.

We have all heard about the candidate experience.  What really matters is the RECRUITER EXPERIENCE

  • Companies and recruiters worry about the candidate experience.  Why you the candidate should be worried about the Recruiter Experience!!!!
  • This will break your interview!

Interview Question: Why do you want to work here?

  • This is a trick question, the how and the why?
  • What is the interviewing REALLY looking for in your answer?

How to answer the “desired salary” interview question and application box

  • We know this question is coming, and how you answer this question will make you or break you.
  • How to answer this question and the reasons behind why it is asked.

Christmas take on why Gen Y doesn’t have interview skills

  •  A humorous look at job interview skills of the younger generations during the holidays

Phone Interviews

  • How so many blow the job interview before they even say their name.

Interview Etiquette

  • Think it doesn’t matter?  This is probably why you are not getting hired!

What you need to pay attention to when interviewing with a younger interviewer

  • How you are blowing your interview with a younger hiring manager or decision maker

Olympic Games and Job interviews, more similarities than you think!

  • Why you need to prepare like an Olympic athlete

Biggest job interview failures, you will have never guessed

  • You are probably committing these sins and don’t even know it

Job interview excitement, I am NOT getting enough!

  • What I am really looking for when you are being interviewed

Tattoos and the interview process, part Duex:

  • My attitude is the same on tattoos, but the message is a little different.

Interviewing with a Start Up?  What they really need to hear

  • Start-ups are a different animal and if you are interviewing with a start-up, they need to hear some specific things from you.

Why multiple interviews is a must for the candidate

  • Wondering why there are so many interviews?  Is the company not able to make up its mind?
  • This post is about why you should INSIST on multiple interviews, and accept nothing less.

How to kill your interview with these 5 phrases

  • You are speaking these 5 phrases and killing your interview
  • Most people don’t even realize what they are saying
  • If you are interviewing for a leadership position, this post is an absolute must!

Interviewing with a start-up?  

  • These industry disrupters need to hear a few specific things if you are going to be considered
  • Start up are VERY different from corporate, and so are the interviews
  • Interviewing with corporate America?  Get a leg up on the competition with this post.

The benefits of taking control of the interview situation

  • Set the tone of the interview.  Just because you are the one that is interviewing with a big company, doesn’t mean that the person interviewing you knows what they are doing, or is comfortable conducting the interview.  Their lack of comfort and lack of experience could cost you the interview.  This post talks about how make the recruiters job easier to move you along in the process.

Behavioral Interviewing Theory

  • Most recruiters and Hiring Managers ask questions based on Behavioral Interviewing Theory.  Knowing the theory behind what they are trying to accomplish, how and why the ask their questions will help you answer their questions in a way that makes the interview go smoothly and gives them the information they are looking for so you can make it to the next round.

The similarities between the dating process and the interviewing process

  • For there to be a “connection”, both sides need to come to the table with the willingness to make it work.  This is a post on one person’s experiences where it didn’t work out, and how proud I was to see the job declined.

Why Bad Interviews Happen to Good People

  • Sometimes interviews don’t go the way we planned, and we leave the company angry.  Sometimes it is our fault, and sometimes it isn’t.  This post goes into some of the reasons that interviews FAIL.  A lot of companies don’t have the resources to train employees how to conduct an interview, and the result is a poor candidate experience.
  • This post talks about WHY this is the case and what we can do about it.

Illegal Interview questions – ANSWER THEM!!

  • There is plenty out there on what the illegal interview questions are.   Doesn’t mean that they won’t be asked, and if you DON’T answer them, you may take yourself out of the running.  My philosophy is to be ready for all questions and have an answer ready.
  • Why illegal questions still come up in this day and this age.
  • How to master job interview illegal questions.
  • The logic behind why you should answer them, and not miss a beat.

The secret to interviewing

  • Close to 75% of the time, I hear from a candidate how they are PERFECT for the job, how the job was made for them, how they can be successful in the job, or how MUCH they want the job.  As the recruiter, this not only doesn’t matter to me, I don’t want to hear it.  You as the candidate are wasting both of our times by making these statements.

Tell me about yourself, the Lazy Man’s interview question and how to handle someone who asks it

  • I personally don’t care for this question and think it is the Lazy Man’s interview question.  I discuss my philosophy on this interview question.
  • More effective questions to ask a candidate
  • How to answer this question as the candidate
  • How to use this question to take control of the interview.

Tell me about yourself!   

  • You absolutely know this one is coming!
  • We need to be ready for this question.  This post talks about how to prepare for this question and the topics you want to cover that I as the recruiter want to hear.

How many interviews?

  • Wondering why you keep get called back for more interviews?
  • Wondering why the hiring company is taking so long?

What do I look for in a candidate?

  • Intelligence?  Passion?  Industry Knowledge?  I look for these, but they don’t make the top of the list.  Find out what does here.

Part 1 of a two-part series for folks that are conscious of being 40

  • I personally don’t think that being over 40 means much these days.   What does make a difference is being self-conscious of being a member of ANY specific demographic.   Your lack of an online social presence sends to me one of the first signs that you are either conscious of being part of the demographic OR that you haven’t kept up on what is important to a vast majority of the working demographic in general.
  • This post discusses HOW to get the interview

Part two on the above. The Interview for those conscious of being over 40.

  • I discuss some common traits of the folks I have seen hired that are over 40.  Also discussed, How to relate to your recruiter who will most likely be under 30.

Questions YOU should be asking in an interview

  • I can almost guarantee that if you don’t ask any questions during the interview process, you probably aren’t going to be hired.  This post talks about the reasons questions are so important and gives some examples of questions I like to hear.

Wondering if it is OK to wear something to an interview?  If you have to ask, you probably already know

  • If you have to ask, you probably already know.  In this post, I go into answering some of the commonly asked questions around an interview.
  • Is it OK to wear this?  Is it OK to wear that?  Can I do this?

What to wear to an interview

  • It absolutely matters what you wear to an interview.  There are some things you are not able to control during an interview, but how you present yourself is.  You are representing the recruiter and they have a specific look they are looking to present to the hiring manager.
  • This post talks to WHY dress is important and how to make the right impression in any situation.

Don’t blow the phone interview, Own it.

  • The common mistakes people make during a phone interview before the interview has even begun, and how to do it right.
  • How to take control of the interview over the phone

Interview Checklist

  • What to check before the interview, bring to the interview and leave the interview with.

I can only afford one suit

  • If you can only afford to buy one suit, this is it. . . .

Tattoos and the interview process

  • If you are considering a tattoo, I urge you to think twice.

Wash your hands

  • Why you need to listen to your mother and wash your hands

Corporate Passion and the interview process

  • A must read for anyone going to interview.

Subconscious Interview Score

  • What you do and what you say is subconsciously having an effect on the person interviewing you.  How to keep your score high.

What would you do if you were asked for your Facebook login during an interview?

  • Your options, and your actions interpreted.

 How do you respond when asked “How old are you?”

  • How do you respond, and no, it is not an illegal interview question

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