Recent Grads / Entry Level Job Search

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entry level job search

Recent Grad and Entry Level Job Search

Recent Graduates / Entry Level Job Search

Life after college should be BMW’s and corner offices. Unfortunately, unless you know how to play the corporate game, it can be a jungle. How do you land a job with no job experience? What should I expect from my first interview? How much should I be looking for? What should I be doing at recruiting fairs? These questions are all specific to the recent graduate and answered in the blog posts below.

Millennia’s speak out against the college education system. Why I can’t find a job. 

  • One of the more popular posts for Millenials. If you the parent of a college student read this!

Do grades really matter to hiring companies?

  • What does a 4.0 GPA really mean?
  • The stereotypes of a straight A student
  • Why grades make a difference to hiring companies

College Reputation Ranking and it’s effect on the Job Search

  • How the education section on your resume effects your job search
  • How to work around a party reputation

Entry level job search: Why it is so important to land a job quickly after graduation

  • Why it is important to land this job quickly out of college
  • Why you shouldn’t put off your entry level job search
  • How a delay in finding this job will effect your future earning potential

Part 1: Why effective pubic speaking is so important to your job hunt

  • Public speaking isn’t one of the classes needed to graduate college
  • Why so many students avoid this skill and why this ability is so critical to your career and entry level job search

Part 2: The classes that colleges do not require to graduate but will make you stand out in an interview

  • Regardless of your degree the top 3 skills that will actually help you land a job after college
  • Why knowledge in these areas will put you ahead of your competition

Part 3: The number 1 most effective skill needed to land a job that colleges don’t teach

  • The NUMBER 1 topic that colleges do not have a class for that you need to for your entry level job search

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