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Recent Graduates:

Entry level jobs: Why it is so important to land a job quickly after graduation

  • Why it is important to land this job quickly out of college
  • Why you shouldn’t put off your career search
  • How a delay in finding this job will effect your future earning potential

Part 1: Why effective pubic speaking is so important to your job hunt

  • Public speaking isn’t one of the classes needed to graduate college
  • Why so many students avoid this skill and why this ability is so critical to your career and job hunt

Part 2: The classes that colleges do not require to graduate but will make you stand out in an interview

  • Regardless of your degree the top 3 skills that will actually help you land a job after college
  • Why knowledge in these areas will put you ahead of your competition

Part 3: The number 1 most effective skill needed to land a job that colleges don’t teach

  • The NUMBER 1 topic that colleges do not have a class for that you need to know about to land a job

Manage Your Career

Director and VP Level

  • What C Levels look for in these candidates
  • The difference between managers and the leadership level
  • What to demonstrate if you are getting passed over for promotions

Part 2 of 2: How executives leverage their network and land new jobs

  • Step by step: How Sr. executives leverage their network, set up and conduct meetings, and land jobs

Part 1 of 2: Professional Networking, the differences between an executive and a recent graduate and how they network

  • The biggest differences between how professional executives and recent graduates go about the networking game
  • Part 1 is how recent graduates bumble their way through their networks
  • Hint: executives know how to do this, recent graduates rarely get this write

What HRNasty gives thanks for during the Thanksgiving season

  • If you don’t like your job or your manager, read this.  You do have something to be thankful for.

Why Stack ranking still exists at MSFT (even though they say it doesn’t)

  • Don’t believe the hype, it still exists

Top 5 rules for you and your spouse at the company holiday party

  • Do’s and Do Nots for you and your spouse at the company holiday party

Halloween costumes and how they can affect your career

  • How Halloween costumes can propel or can your career, the good, the bad and the ugly

How an inappropriate costume cost an employee their job

  • It happens every year, don’t let it happen to you

7 ways to achieve work life balance

  • 7 things I see on a regular basis that keeps employees inefficient
  • How to achieve work life balance

Work Life Balance, one HR guys opinion

  • One HR guys experience with work life balance in the corporate world and the start up

How to study for the SPHR / PHR certification

  • I answer a readers question on how to study for the SPHR / PHR test for HR professionals

Why your job tenure means nothing to your manager

  • How many employees lose their jobs because they have 5,10, or 15 years of tenure
  • What your manager REALLY thinks about job tenure (they don’t)

Why your company doesn’t hire internal candidates and seems to go with external candidates

  • Have you interviewed for an transfer within your own company and been turned down
  • Why companies go with external candidates when internal candidates are right under their nose

When you should take the first job offer you receive

  • Guest post from a favorite a favorite, @alarecruiter who has both agency and internal recruiting experience
  • Great perspective on when to accept the first offer

Lowballing your job offer, a recruiters secrets

  • What I am really thinking about when I extend a job offer
  • How much can a recruiter get away with?

How HR knows you are conducting a job search

  • Poker has it’s “tells” and employees looking for a job while employed have their tells
  • HR isn’t as dumb as you think it is

The dreaded manager meeting

  • My take on the dreaded manager meeting
  • How to minimize your stress and manage your manager.  Don’t let your manager manage you!

How an HR person works remotely and keeps her career moving forward

  • A good friend who works remotely and works in HR gives her take. 
  • Consider her the 1%

How a remote employee is REALLY looked at by HR and managers

  • Everyone wants to work from home.  HRNasty gives an HR and managers take on how remote employees are really looked at.

HR explains when and why they might offer a lower salary than what you are expecting.

  • If you are accepting a position for lesser pay, this post is for you
  • How your experience relates to the job offer including being overqualified, different geographical markets, etc.

Startup Life Vs. Corporate America and which one will build a stronger resume

  • I have worked in both environments and I provide a few thoughts on stability, career, and resume building

What you need to focus on during the first 30 days of your new job

  • You just landed the job, now you need to keep it.
  • What your manager is looking for in your first 30 days

Thank you and WHY you should start a blog

  •  I say thank you and explain why you should start a blog

Dinner with the Boss

  • How to enjoy yourself, and why you shouldn’t worry

Office Hours in the workplace

  • They worked in school and they can work with your career

The workplace isn’t a Democracy

  • If you think it is, you couldn’t be more wrong

Office Halloween Costumes, what HR really thinks

  • Think your costume is cute?  Here is what HR really thinks!

What do you demand of your employer?

  • What can you demand and what you should NOT ask for!

HR lessons learned behind closed doors

  • Ever wonder what is discussed behind HR’s closed doors?  Read this whistle blower.

Hugs in the workplace

  • What is appropriate and what you can get away with

Career Advice to make yourself bulletproof in a weak economy

  • Advice that your manager won’t tell you

HBO’s Hard Times: Lost in Long Island

  • Lessons to be learned from the unemployed in this HBO documentary on long term unemployed

3 start-up myths shattered

  • don’t believe the hype when it comes to the myths of start ups.
  • Stability, Hours worked and Stock options, I debunk all three myths

Great Career advice that changed my life

  • When I was given a stellar review, I was also told how I could take my gave to the next level.
  • Advice that I wish more people in the interview process knew about

Why company parties are so important to you career  (Part 1)

  • Some basic examples how to conduct yourself and how to not conduct your self.  More importantly, is WHY these parties matter so much to not just the company, but to your career.  Reasons 1-5 of 10

Part two of the above.  Reasons 5-6 of the 10 reasons

  • more of the prior post, reasons 6-10.

How to deliver an effective review as a manager

  • Simple steps to make the annual review process easier, quicker, and more efficient
  • Why the annual review is important to individual reports and why (FROM THE INDIVIDUAL REPORTS PERSPECTIVE)
  • Why it is important for a MANGER to deliver annual reviews

How an individual contributor can take control of their annual review

  • No one likes annual reviews.  This post tries to explain the following:
  • Why a lot of annual reviews ARE ineffective and a waste of time
  • How to take control and get the most out of your annual review, at any level
  • Why your annual review is SO IMPORTANT TO YOUR CAREER

So you don’t like your manager?

  • Not many people like their manager, but at the end of the day, it is your career, not theirs, so it is in your best interest to manage this relationship.  This posts talks about:
  • Why your manager may act the way they do towards your career
  • Why your manager may have been promoted despite your lack of trust in them
  • How you can help your manager help you

How to carry yourself in a corporate environment

  • Lessons learned from watching the HBO series Hard Knocks.  Hard Knocks takes us behind the scenes of training camp for the Cincinnati Begals.  There are a lot of similarities to how pro athletes carry themselves and the way WE should be carrying ourselves in corporate America.

Don’t let your manager manage you.  Manage your manager.

  • Effective ways to manage your manager without them realizing they are being managed.
  • Set yourself up for a raise, promotion, transfer, or just keeping your job in an unstable economy.

Bring something to the party

  • In today’s economy, your manager may have hired you to do a specific job, but they way you are going to be kept around, promoted and given raises, is if you do MORE than just what you were hired to do.  If you make a difference beyond your job description.  A lot of folks don’t know it, but even though they are getting their job description done, they aren’t making a positive impact to the department or the company’s bottom line because of their other behaviors.

Why Cost of Living Raises are NOT your friend

  • If your company or manager is giving you a cost of living raise / adjustment, you are only hurting yourself.  Here is why.
  • Trust me, you don’t want to receive a raise like this.

Resignations, top things to remember  

  • Everyone wants to say “take this job and shove it”.  Do’s and Don’ts when you resign to keep your career on track.

HR Builds the Culture:

How HR views Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s post game interview

  • Most people didn’t appreciate Richard Sherman’s post game comments.  What this HR guy saw and why he is a fan and you should be too.

Employee referral programs

  • My thoughts on why employee referral programs are working against the company and the employee

A case for marijuana in the workplace

  • One company’s story to make marijuana OK in the workplace

What message is your benefits plan sending to your company?

  • Not all benefit plans are created equal, and the message they send is very different.  
  • What company culture is your benefits plan creating?

Why HR doesn’t get the respect it deserves and major props to developers

  • How a group of developers expanded my HR mindset and taught me a valuable lesson that everyone should learn. 

How Jimmy Johns gives me a complete HR experience

  • Jimmy Johns is a great example of Organizational Development and here is why I am a fan!

Job Descriptions, you get what you describe

  • Most job descriptions read the same.  Read one description for a bank teller you a have read them all.  If I am on a job search, I get lost in all the descriptions.
  • Why I believe the hiring process starts with your job description and can help build your culture to hire exactly the type of workforce you are looking for.

The Executive recruiting candidate experience is killing your brand

  • Make sure that everyone has a great candidate experience, but at the end of the day, these VIP’s have the biggest networks and the most influence, so treat them right.

What culture means to me

  • For some companies, culture means pool tables, ping pong, free pop, and great benefits.  For me, culture comes from the teams within the company, and doesn’t need ANY of the above.  Culture comes from getting team members who are in sync with the company goals and how they are going to be achieved.  It also starts with not just getting great employees, but employees who agree with your company philosophy and will not just live the ideas, but promote and defend them.

HR as driving force in communicating company decisions

  • Don’t like a decision that was made at your company?  Do something about it.  HR should be the proactive force in driving engagement with the company philosophy, mission and decisions

Offsite and Team Building, Start up style

  • How a start up spends an offsite building culture, team, and communicating goals

Recruiters and Hiring Managers want to read your blog

  • What your blog can show to recruiters and (hiring) managers, and why you should have one.
  • If you are over 40 read this
  • If you are applying for a readership position, read this!

Why Internships Fail

  • Reasons why internships fail, and how you can increase the odds of your interns coming back as FTE’s.

Hire people who love what they do, they will work 24/7

  • New take on “choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life

Study recommends managers should NOT send weekend emails.  I say ANSWER THEM and WHY!

  • I can’t believe this study made it to print.  The cake is a lie.  You want to get right sized, then don’t answer the email.   Read the logic.

Why its HR’s Fault for Casual Dress Day “Don’ts”

  • Casual Dress day always has its tragedies.  What are they and how to avoid them.

Does HR Report to the CEO in Your Company?

  • Why I believe HR should report to HR and the difference it can make

Office Halloween Costumes from HR’s perspective

  • What you think is cute of funny could be limiting your career

Why this HR guy likes Star Trek vs. Star Wars

  • 7 of 9, Why I like Picard, and why the USS Enterprise is the ultimate Start-Up

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