Building Company Culture

By HRNasty

HR builds company culture

HR builds Company Culture

HR Builds Company Culture

Building company culture is my niche. I am passionate about building company culture and creating great places to work. I have been the head of HR in companies that have made the Best Place to Work list 8 of the 11 past years. Two of these years we were number 1 in our category and 1 year we were second. Below are posts that I am the most passionate, creating great places to work.

The Harvard Business Review 2015 HR issue

  • I give reasons why this is a must read for HR practitioners and leadership teams 
  • If you are in HR, you need to read this magazine

What is Corporate Culture and how do you build it

  • Great article on the definition of Corporate Culture
  • How to build a great Corporate Culture

How to build trust in leadership

  • Steps that leadership can take to build trust in the C suite
  • How I interpret Glassdoor reviews

The truth about employee surveys

  • Which surveys track individual answers and which do not
  • When it is OK to answer honestly on employee survey

Diversity starts with leadership

  • Why diversity needs to start with leadership
  • My personal experience with diversity coming up in the job hunting process

How to break the ice and meeting co workers on your first day at a new job

  • Simple technique I personally use on my first day of work to meet colleagues
  • How I introduce a new hire at scale with a minimum of effort

How to leverage the Superbowl to build corporate culture

  • How companies can piggy back off of the Superbowl to build company culture
  • Specific examples of Superbowl mania and how to leverage momentum in the workplace

What the Seattle Seahawks teach us about building teams

  • Breakdown of the NFC Championship game as it relates to teamwork and corporate America
  • Benefits of hiring to a specific culture

Continuing Education via

  • Why companies should invest in employees with continuing education
  • How employees can motivate managers to pay for continuing education

No Asshole Rule

  • What the “No Asshole” rule means to an HR guy
  • Tell tell signs of a potential ass hole hire

Company Book Club

  • How we motivate employees to read business books
  • The “WHY” behind a book club for managers
  • List of some great business books that I consider required reading for career advancement

How a small start-up wins first place in Best Place to Work list

  • A start-up that is not yet profitable ranks number 1 without pool tables or ice cream trucks
  • What a Best Place to Work place means to this HR guy
  • An employee captures the spirit of the culture we are trying to create at a Best Place to Work

Severance packages explained

  • The differences between how employers and employees view severance packages
  • How to negotiate your next job when you have a severance package
  • What HR should be explaining to laid off employees

How HR views Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s post game interview

  • Most people didn’t appreciate Seattle Seahawks, Richard Sherman’s post game playoff comments.  What this HR guy saw, why he is a fan and you should be too.

Employee referral programs

  • My thoughts on why employee referral programs are working against the company and the employee
  • How HR builds culture and reinforces company values via the employee referral program

A case for marijuana in the workplace

  • One company’s story to make marijuana OK in the workplace

What message is your benefits plan sending to your company?

  • Not all benefit plans are created equal, and the message they send is very different.
  • What company culture is your benefits plan creating?

Why HR doesn’t get the respect it deserves and major props to developers

  • How a group of developers expanded my HR mindset and taught me a valuable lesson that everyone should learn.

How Jimmy Johns gives me a complete HR experience

  • Why Jimmy Johns is a great example of Organizational Development and why HRNasty is a fan!

Job Descriptions, you get what you describe

  • Most job descriptions read the same.  Read one description for a bank teller you a have read them all.  If I am on a job search, I get lost in all the descriptions.
  • Why I believe the hiring process starts with your job description and how HR builds culture from the job descriptions.

The Executive recruiting candidate experience is killing your brand

  • Make sure that everyone has a great candidate experience, but at the end of the day, these VIP’s have the biggest networks and the most influence, so treat them right.

What culture means to me

  • For some companies, company culture means pool tables, ping-pong, free pop, and great benefits.  For me, culture comes from the teams within the company, and doesn’t need ANY of the above.  Culture comes from getting team members who are in sync with the company goals and how they are going to be achieved.  It also starts with not just getting great employees, but employees who agree with your company philosophy and will not just live the ideas, but promote and defend them.

HR as driving force in communicating company decisions

  • Don’t like a decision that was made at your company?  Do something about it.  HR should be the proactive force in driving engagement with the company philosophy, mission and decisions

Offsite and Team Building, Start up style

  • How a start-up spends an offsite building company culture, team, and communicating goals

Recruiters and Hiring Managers want to read your blog

  • What your blog can show to recruiters and (hiring) managers, and why you should have one.
  • If you are over 40 read this
  • If you are applying for a readership position, read this!

Why Internships Fail

  • Reasons why internships fail, and how you can increase the odds of your interns coming back as FTE’s.

Hire people who love what they do, they will work 24/7

  • New take on “choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life

Study recommends managers should NOT send weekend emails.  I say ANSWER THEM and WHY!

  • I can’t believe this study made it to print.  The cake is a lie.  You want to get right sized, then don’t answer the email.   Read the logic.

Why its HR’s Fault for Casual Dress Day “Don’ts”

  • Casual Dress day always has its tragedies.  What are they and how to avoid them.

Does HR Report to the CEO in Your Company?

  • Why I believe HR should report to HR and the difference it can make in the company culture

Office Halloween Costumes from HR’s perspective

  • What you think is cute of funny could be limiting your career

Why this HR guy likes Star Trek vs. Star Wars

  • 7 of 9, Why I like Picard, and why the USS Enterprise is the ultimate Start-Up

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nasty:  an unreal maneuver of incredible technique, something that is ridiculously good, tricky and manipulative but with a result that can’t help but be admired, a phrase used to describe someone who is good at something. E.G.  “He has a nasty fork ball”.

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