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The down and dirty checklist for when you have a job interview tomorrow. The top things you can research quickly to give you the most bang for your buck

Tattoos and the interview process

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Thinking about getting a tattoo? Why you should think twice if you are looking for a job, or thinking you will ever need to look for a job.

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CreatejobsforUSA We can all do our part.  I saw this at Starbucks and couldn’t help but think “How can this not help”?  I made a donation, you should too. HRNasty nasty:  an unreal maneuver of incredible technique, something that is ridiculously good, tricky and manipulative but with a result that can’t help but be admired, a […]

Job Fair: 98% of candidates FAIL. How to walk out of Career fair with an interview. What you are doing that is getting you declined.

What is the one outfit you should have for interviewing? What should your interview suit represent? What to wear to your interview, and why.

Casual Dress Code “Don’ts”. We have all seen the bad examples and we usually blame the employee. HR should take the initiative and speak up

Confidence in the Job Interview is what will get you hired. How to show confidence even when you are nervous and insecure.

Dress for interviews. If you ask “can I wear this?” or “can I wear that?” to a job interview, you probably already know the answer.

Why your interview dress code matters to recruiters and hiring managers. A recruiter explains what they are thinking about how your dress.

Corporate Life is a social function. Like any cocktail party, you need to bring something. Show up with nothing and you will be taken off the guest list.