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Closing the job interview We all know that closing the job interview is a critical piece to the interview process. I read and hear many well-intentioned closing statements when reading cover letters and interviewing candidates.  How many of us have said or listed the following in a cover letter or stated the below when closing the job […]

Giving a resume 5 seconds is a lot like Tinder

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Reading Resumes in 5 seconds I just delivered a presentation to a group of job seekers and one thing that caused a lot of strife in the room was the fact that I look at resumes for an average of only 5 seconds. In reality, I give most resumes even less time, but on average, it […]

Do you really need a video resume? One recruiter blows the whistle on how these job search tools are really viewed by the intended audience, hiring managers

One reason applicants don’t have any results is because they use the same resume for all applications. Why you need multiple resumes and how to tweak yours.

Resumes/CL’s for jobs outside of the local area need to convey everything the locals have and more. How to convince HR you are ready to move.

Physical address on the resume

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Should you include your physical address on the resume? The pro’s / con’s here with logic behind what when to include one and when not to

How you name your cover letter and resume can make or break your job search even before the recruiter even opened up your document. Why it matters.

Most resumes read like show like bad porn. Seen one you have seen them all. How to quantify accomplishments on your resume to stand out in a sea of porn

Does your resume stand out?

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Does your resume stand out? I have a friend who gets paid to watch porn. This guy brings a whole new meaning to the world of job shadow or bring your kid to work day. His job is to verify for his employer that the actors in the videos are of legal age. Sounds like an […]

Secrets to the Veteran Job Search

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Secret to veteran job search. How to make your resume, vocabulary and presentation layer show you are ready to make the transition?