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Overqualified? Applying for a position you know you are overqualified for? Do’s and don’ts to land an interview when you are overqualified

Recruiters DO look at your profile picture. Why you want a professional picture, and why you should avoid avatars and blank boxes in your profile.

why you shouldn’t think twice or blink when you are asked illegal interview questions. Just answer them. If you don’t the interview is as good as over

Candidate shouldn’t rely on the interviewer. Take the initiative and set the interview tone and tempo. Tricks to set the interview tone, pace and tempo.

Over 40: getting the job interview

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Being over 40 is an advantage in the job hunt. It is how you go about the hunt that puts you at a disadvantage. How to leverage your experience.

Over 40 and the job hunt part 2

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I have made offers to many candidates over 40 and over 50. Here are the triggers that got these candidates an offer and what you need to do.

If you are in a job interview and do not have questions for the employer, you will fail. What recruiters really think when you don’t have any questions.

Olympic competitions, not as tough as a job interview

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Interviews are a competition. There is no second place. If you saw how many candidates you were competing against, you would crap your pants. I make the comparison between an Olympic event and the interview process.

Resume Layout Matters

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Resume Layout Matters! I have a running train of thought / cynicism when I read over a resume, and I thought that posting this mentality might help candidates write a better resume. With prior posts, at seminars and panels, I have talked about what I like and don’t like to see, but I thought that […]

Interview question: “Tell me about yourself”

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This is the most dreaded question in an interview and we know it is coming. How to avoid this question and take control of the interview.