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Gender equality and diversity at the leadership level A recent blog, posted on the Economist’s Executive Education Navigator / Economist’s Executive Education Blog, addressed the topic of gender equality in the workplace which I found fascinating. The article made some great points which I felt compelled to write about based on past experience on this particular […]

Many employees feel like their 5, 25, 25 years of job tenure gives them corporate immunity. Why this attitude will cost you your job.

What Baby Boomers say in the job interview that gets them declined.

What you absolutely need to be aware of when interviewing with a younger interviewer. Age has nothing to do with the outcome of your interview, its something else

Working in America? Work in HR? There is a lot to learn from this eye opening special profiling a few unemployed individuals in Long Island

These 5 phrases will kill your job interview. I explain why they keep coming up and why people don’t realize they are reciting them.

It’s not just hard to find a job, it’s eff’n hard. An explanation on why it is so difficult to find a job and breakdown where you may be going wrong.

Why you need to disregard conventional thinking around the age related interview question. The reason behind the question, and how to answer it.

Secrets to the Veteran Job Search

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Secret to veteran job search. How to make your resume, vocabulary and presentation layer show you are ready to make the transition?

2 page or 1 page resume? That is the question. . .

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2 page or 1 page resume? This is the often asked question. A recruiters opinion on what is appropriate, what gets read and what gets tossed.

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