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SPHR certification, study tips and best study practices

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The march to SPHR certification My SPHR certification experience: This weeks post is geared toward anyone taking classes to further their career. A reader recently asked about advice I had for taking the PHR / SPHR certification test which is an HR specific designation. I realized the answer I gave could be applied towards the […]

Networking Etiquette secrets that open doors

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Networking etiquette is a long lost art form. Experienced generations are the advisors that open the most doors and notice its absence. Don’t close doors.

As a recent grad, your job search is much different than other candidates. Here is a list of the top ten ways to prepare for your recent grad job search

Does your partner have your job search support? Do you feel alone in your job search? Why job search support is so rare and at the same time so important.

Some thoughts taken away from a recent Job Fair and commentary from 5 CTO’s on how to land an engineering position.

Seems the art of networking is a lost art. From a recruiters perspective, I explain how to get yourself noticed, network and put yourself into an interview

Dinner with the boss, how to enjoy the evening

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Too many people worry and sweat over a dinner with the boss. What execs hope for and want when they invite you to dinner with the boss.

Working in America? Work in HR? There is a lot to learn from this eye opening special profiling a few unemployed individuals in Long Island

Tired of receiving rude Linkedin introductions with no note? Why these types of introductions are killing your networking relationships.

The critical unwritten rules of the informational interview. How this is an audition for the real thing, the big show, the actual interview!