By HRNasty


Corporate life is a game.  Win it!

nasty: an unreal maneuver of incredible technique, something that is ridiculously good, tricky and manipulative but with a result that can’t help but be admired. A phrase used to describe some one that is good at something. “He has a nasty forkball”.

Who is HRNasty:  HRNasty is your Corporate Insider that will give it to you straight. He is the HR exec that has the guts to tell you what your manager / HR department won’t. I may be telling you behind a mask, but you will hear the straight up truth. Most importantly, HRNasty will explain why HR and managers think the way they do. You may think that what you read is unfair and or wrong, you may not like what you read, but my goal is to provide the business logic so that you at least respect WHY the process is in place. Many managers don’t have what what it takes (courage, experience or both) to tell you what you really need to hear to further your career. Most companies are fearful of being sued. This is why you won’t get the full story, and on this site, my goal is to provide the business logic and hopefully we will both have fun in the process.  

HRNasty will pull back the curtain, exposing how the hiring process really works, what drives the review process, and the real thinking behind a promotion or layoff.

This information can be leveraged to help you find a job, further your career and avoid the infamous CLM (Career Limiting Move). If you don’t know the rules of the game or how the referee’s are thinking, how can you win?

You can be the smartest and most qualified candidate, but if you do not know how to interview, you are probably not going to get the job.

 You can be the least qualified but if you know how to interview, you have a good shot at landing the job. 

Background:  I have a degree in Industrial / Organizational Psychology, and the SPHR certification. I started my career with a Fortune 300 company in the Finance industry working in HR and then Training and Development. Working in Training and Development, I was given the training to deliver and facilitate classes on topics ranging from public speaking / facilitative leadership, diversity, 3-month long programs for manager, high performers, and exec training.  Looking for a meritocracy where an individual would be judged on results I moved to a small technology start up leading the HR and Facilities group. This company eventually scaled to 300 plus employees with 6 offices in 4 countries. Most people would think it was the HIRING of these employees over an 8-year span that gave me the insight into the hiring process. It was the recruiters, HR department and the hiring managers DECLINING exponentially more candidates that gave me so much insight into the hiring process. Employees would be interviewed between 6-8 times before being offered a position. We declined a LOT of candidates to hire all those employees and saw a lot of mistakes made by candidates every day of the week.  I want to share what I learned with 10 years in corporate America’s HR and Training and Development and my 10 years in technology start-ups.  

I hope you find the information helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to email me at Nasty@HRNasty.com. 

See you at the after party,


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  • Lidi Medina

    I stumbled upon your sight today and can’t get enough. I love the “In your face” attitude and look forward to future blogs!

    • Hey there,
      glad you found us and appreciate the content. I am usually very rigorous about posting weekly but a lot going on at work has kept me away. I plan on getting back on track this week. Thank you for the nudge! Feel free to subscribe and if we can help out in the future, just let me know. Thanks again!

  • Lose-Lose

    Fake? Really?

    • Thank you Lose-Lose. Appreciate the support!

  • Dear Nasty

    I thank you for your advice and assistance. You’ve been invaluable.

    • hrnasty

      Thanks for stopping by and the encouragement to keep this little project going. Really appreciate you taking the time and the gesture.

    • Survivorfn
      Glad you are finding value and appreciate the support!

  • Kate

    Dear Nasty,
    I so agree with you on HR.  I even created a seminar on “Branding Your HR Department”…didn’t go over so big with the HR pros who attended it, since I started it with …STOP SAYING NO!

    • Kate,
      Thanks for stopping by. Always flattered to be visited by other HR folks. Sorry about your seminar, it sounds like a good one and more departments need to take your cue. Every other department in the org does it. Why not HR? One thing that I have found that helps is to try and get the audience to tell you what you want to tell them, instead of the facilitator telling them the idea in the opening line. Maybe next time start with something like: “why does HR have a bad rap in most companies? What is the stereotypical answer when HR is asked a question”. This way, the audience is telling you they have a bad rap for saying NO, and we can use that as a launching pad for discussion.

      “yes, HR has a bad wrap and one of the reasons we have heard from the room is that it is because HR says “NO” “. Now the room has said this and not the facilitator.

      This is probably something that has already been figured out, but “the knowledge is in the room”.

      Good luck, and please keep stopping by!


  • CF

    the fish knife holder on your chest gives away your true identity ninja nasty….