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Employee surveys The topic of employee surveys is always a controversial topic. Management wants to hear employee opinions and employees want to do the right thing but are afraid their answers can be tracked. If you have read this blog, you know that I am always thinking about corporate culture. Part of this is because […]

7 steps to Beat the Performance Improvement Plan

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PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT PLAN, 7 steps to beat the PiP What is a Performance Improvement Plan, AKA PIP? How does it work? What are your chances of surviving beyond the Performance Improvement Plan? Can an employee still have a successful career after a PiP? The Performance Improvement Plan, aka PIP was originally designed to help the struggling […]

Do you feel you have a strong resume? Will your resume stand up to the competition? A recruiter explains why time spent improving your resume will pay big dividends even after you landed your job offer. How the resume affects the job interview.

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