My new job sucks, HR exec explains when and how to quit

job sucks

Smile and run away as fast as you can.

My new job sucks, how soon can I quit?

Your job sucks but you don’t want to quit because you feel like the short tenure on your resume will look bad. Do you fear explaining your short job history in your next interview? Do you think your resume will reflect poorly?


Company Christmas Party behavior broken down and interpreted

Company Christmas Party

The gossip after the company Christmas party will be remembered and exaggerated

Company Christmas party, mind your P’s and Q’s

The typical HR post around this time of year will discuss why we call the Christmas Parties the “Holiday Parties”.  Other posts explain why we need to be sensitive to different cultures, blah,

share, get your company to pay for your classes

There is budget for your training, you just need the right approach

Have you cursed your manager after being declined when you requested to take a class or attend a conference?

Have you been the victim of the classic “We don’t have the budget”? If you have heard these crushing words,