Job Feedback and Career Advice

job feedback

Advice to the intern: learn to recognize and accept job feedback graciously

Job Feedback and Career Advice

The topic of career advice and job feedback comes up on a regular basis for me. When networking, I am often asked, “What career advice do you have for me”? Ma and Pa Nasty are turning over in their graves when they hear that some poor soul is so lost they stop by the HRNasty crib for job feedback,


Best job interview question

best job interview question

Don’t leave your interview to chance. Ask the million dollar question!

Best job interview question to ask the hiring manager

You found a job you were perfectly qualified for, put together a beautiful cover letter, and submitted your resume.  A few days later, the miracle of miracles takes place.  You receive an email from the recruiter wanting to set up an initial phone screen.


Resume References, what HR thinks and how they really check your background

resume references

I am checking your resume references, just not what, or where you think I am

Resume References 

I receive a lot of questions in regards to resume references and I thought a blog post might help.

Here are some common questions I receive on the topic of references:



Business cards, employer branding and employee pride

Employer branding, employee morale, recruiting, sales, the business card covers it all.

Employer branding, employee morale, recruiting, and sales, the business card covers it all.

Business Cards

As an HR Pro/Am, and a proponent of company culture, I firmly believe that every employee should have business cards. How much do I believe in this? Three-month summer interns receive business cards when I am on watch.

In this day and age,