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Do grades matter to hiring companies?

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Do grades matter to hiring companies? Do grades matter when creating your resume? Yes, grades matter and can absolutely make a difference. There is a myth out there that recent graduates with a 4.0 GPA’s are mindless robots. The stereotype is that these candidates are: One-dimensional and don’t know how to do anything but study and take tests. Don’t […]

Title promotion without a raise I receive 2 questions on a fairly regular basis, so I thought I would take the hint and try to answer them over the next couple of weeks. After the question “HR people are hypocrites, how do you live with yourself?” The two questions I receive fairly regularly are:  “I […]

College reputation ranking and the job market  Warning: I am going to miff a number of readers with this post. I have been sitting on this post for a few weeks now, and even behind a mask, I wonder if I should go this far, just like I did here with my resume racism post.  […]

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