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The most important topic in your college class schedule What is the most important skill to focus on with your college class schedule? Per the promise I made in the last post, this week I reveal what I believe to THE MOST IMPORTANT SKILL NEEDED TO LAND A JOB.  Everyday, I meet with graduates who […]

Required topics for the college experience   Last week, we posted on the topic of how gaining specific skills during the college experience can impact a corporate career. There are a lot of pros and cons to the college experience.  The cost of an education these days is astronomical and I often wonder how parents […]

Public Speaking, what you should really study in college

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Public Speaking and your career Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting on the topic of college and how the college experience can affect professional careers. A few posts that are ready to go include: How the college reputation can effect the job hunt My thoughts on delaying entry to the job market […]

The executive network experience Last week I posted a typical experience when I am asked to meet with a recent graduate.  This week, I want to compare and contrast that experience with what happens within the executive network.  I want to shed insight on how experienced professionals network.    When I meet an executive, I may […]

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