Why stack ranking at Microsoft still exists

Stack ranking will be around awhile

Microsoft does away with Stack Ranking

As an HR Hack, I think that the change of heart at Microsoft on the stack ranking management review and compensation system is great for their culture and as well as for all of HR.  Stack ranking at MSFT gives all HR practitioners a bad name regardless of where they work.


Top 5 company holiday party rules for you and your spouse

company holiday party

Save the date for your spouse’s company holiday party!

Company Holiday Party

Company Holiday party this year? Whether you are being asked or dragged, most of us will be attending our spouse’s company holiday party this Christmas season? (Yes, the HR guy called it Christmas)

If your significant other’s company is hosting a company holiday party,


How an inappropriate Halloween costume cost an employee their job

The Halloween costume that isn’t appropriate for work

Halloween costumes boggle my mind!

The topic for my last post was how inappropriate Halloween costumes can make or break a career.  I write on this topic every year in an attempt to provide insight on what HR and managers really think about Halloween costumes.