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What companies really think about your tattoo in the job interview and corporate environment. What they think and what they say will surprise you.

Going to interview with a start up? You aren’t in Kansas any more Toto and start ups are not corporate America. Make sure you convey these 5 ideas.

Protected: How to ask for a Raise, HRNasty style

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Tired of receiving rude Linkedin introductions with no note? Why these types of introductions are killing your networking relationships.

How your summer job application will be viewed and how you can make a better impression that 90% of your competition. Applications are the first impression!

These 5 phrases will kill your job interview. I explain why they keep coming up and why people don’t realize they are reciting them.

Multiple interviews are a must in the interview process. Why accepting a position after only 1 or 2 interviews is career suicide.

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