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Do’s and Don’ts for your office Halloween costume. It may be cute and funny, but here is how HR interprets your sexy Elvira costume, CLM.

Resignation: top things to remember

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When you turn in your resignation, be remembered for your hard work and contributions, not just your last act on the way out. How to make a graceful exit.

Job Fair: 98% of candidates FAIL. How to walk out of Career fair with an interview. What you are doing that is getting you declined.

Career Fair Failures. It’s not a car show. You can buy the car, not the job. YOU are the car. How to land the interview.

Answer weekend emails!!

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HRMagazine says you should not answer weekend emails. The cake is a lie. In this economy why you should try to provide more in a 40 hour week.

Overqualified? Applying for a position you know you are overqualified for? Do’s and don’ts to land an interview when you are overqualified

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