Find a mentor

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find a mentor

Mentors can point you in the right direction

Find a mentor

I was recently asked to write a post describing the skills that employees should be working on to further their career. I ended up writing three posts which focused on different sets of skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Most of these skills are not a focus in most college curriculums and for me personally, a $25K-a-year college tuition Shhhockerrrr!

These skills are listed here:

Before I wrote that series of posts, I thought I had three high impact steps you could take to further your career. Of course, since then, I feel I have yet another game changer and one that is more impactful. This weeks post covers this career accelerator and more specifically, how to set yourself up for success with this specific tool.

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Best Business Books

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Best Business Book

Reading and consuming knowledge is one of the best ways to keep up to date and show your leaders interest in your field.

Best business books

An MBA friend recently entered the work force and asked me to recommend some good business books to read. He is fortunate because his job puts him in situations where he spends extended periods of time with executives. He figured that reading any books would help him with his new career, and consequently wasn’t asking for anything in particular. At first I was stumped. His request was so broad I didn’t know which direction to point him. I didn’t think I could effectively pick a book that would meet his natural curiosity and capture his interest. With this in mind, I took a different direction on his request.   

I explained that I didn’t really know what he was looking for but I had an idea that would hopefully solve his request. My thought was to provide a list of books that would enable him to hold interesting conversations with CEO’s and other MBA’s. Some are “must reads” but there should be a few that will give you a different way to think about “best business books”.  With this in mind, I put together the following list of books that I believe will give him talking points so he can hold conversations with his executive level customers: 

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